I just fell in love with beards. One day, I mean one week or even month I was to lazy to shave and my beard started to get really long. Naturally I wanted to shave it. But then, my friend Austin came to visit for a couple of days and he said I should groom it. I was LOLing so hard. Me?! Beard?! You gotta be kidding right?

He said absolutely not. Just try it! So I did a little bit of research and decided to groom it. Heck, I even dyed it :) With all natural beard dye obv.

Now I even entered the contest on beardoholic.com for the best beard. So if you want you can go and vote for me.

Also this article has helped me a lot: Growing your beard faster. Big thanks to Zack from beardoholic. Now I am even considering trying Fu Manchu 😉

Well guys, just try it.

See you soon!

As you all know I started with my new hobby.  It is parkour. I like it so much. Practicing jumps and landings 3x week on my block. As I am yet pretty inexperienced in landings I think I could buy some tumbling mats. I would like to hear your opinions on that…

Well, I am happily counting the days until I could start using almost every aspect of the street to preform. Wish me luck guys.

And I am off now. Hear you soon.. http://findmats.com/

Mats tumbl


World Beard and Moustache Association (WBMA) in which men display their beards and moustaches. It all started in Germany, a place called Hofen an der Enz in 1990.

There are 17 categories in this championship, gathered in 3 brackets: moustache, partial beard and full beard. And here is the winner:


He is Greg Anderson, 2014 champion in best mustache styles. Winning in a pool of 300 contestants. And all I want to say is Good Job man!


Hello, hello, hello! Big fan of scopes! Red dot, holographic sight, fixed or variable scope I like them all.


Not that I like killing, but magnification and precision of scopes always fascinated me. To shot a target that is really far away takes a lot of profound techniques. Read more about it here: ScopesHQ.

It’s just great to image to heave a beast like this:


Crossbow scopes :)

“In modern times crossbows are no longer used for assassinations, but there are still some applications. For example, in the Americas, the Peruvian army (Ejército) equips some soldiers with crossbows and rope, to establish a zip-line in difficult terrain.[45] In Brazil the CIGS (Jungle Warfare Training Center) also trains soldiers in the use of crossbows” From wikipedia.

I just found out that you can buy headphones that work underwater: http://www.waterproofbluetoothheadphones.net/

I had to test them out as I am regular swimmer. I bought this one for 50 bucks.waterproof bluetooth headphones


They arrived 2 weeks ago and I am using them every time I go for a swim. The quality is not the top end but it’s more then enough for waterproof bluetooth heaphones

I am not telling you need one, but if you go for running in rain or like to swim like me, you should consider on buying them.

See you soon!

According to NetRating in 2006, Google has a market share of 49.2%, follows by Yahoo and Live MSN search. One year later, the number has increased to 53.6% (wikipedir, 2007). If the trend continues, will Google take up the whole search engine market? Will google becomes a monopoly in this area?

Recently I’ve noticed that many of the sites in the khmer web directory have dropped in PR ranking (PageRank system). One PR6 site (http://www.cambodiaxp.com) has dropped from PR6 to just PR4, while the khmerbest.com itself has dropped from PR5 to PR4. I thought that was just a glitch but it is in fact a reality after I found a report on the age, Australia that asserts that Google has changed their search algorithm.

The impact of the changes in Algorithm sometimes lead many great sites in the deep pile of search result. Some sites lose their reputation due to their dropped PR ranking, especially in the Search Engine and Webmaster related site.

Yes I agree to certain extends that Google has been the best search engine that deliver relevant results to my search. However, to let it be the only Search Engine in the market, it might not be the best outcome.

What do you think?



“Oopss… I lost too ”

“Yo yo!!! dude, i win the lottery then. My previous page rank is 3 after a month running karkiweb, mine went down to 0. At the moment, i get 4 for my google page rank”

“>> What happen when Google’s becoming number 1?”

“Some users are still googling, while others concern about their privacy. That’s all about Google being the leader in search.”

“Some American politicians feel concern using the Lenovo made laptops due to security risks. So who knows much about all these things?”

“Tharum, i dont know about Lenovo issue. Would be interesting to dig up news more after my exam, mate.”


After trying to figure out who the culprit is, I tried to search from GoDaddy and I found out that the fellow is : Kalle Hasan! The bastard who phish and stole $$$ from my online banking. See the screenshot below:


Apparently, he is under his way towards changing all of my registered sites to his. In a way, i’m glad I know who he is. On the other, I wish I could do something to take down this guy!



“So what are you planing to do now dude? Hunting him down? Trying to hack his server?”

“I wish I could do all by myself. In fact, I’ve checked with Federal Police in Australia. They are taking necessary steps to report this guy and probably nail him down. If it were in Singapore, I really believe that the police will be more than happy to work in their best effort to catch that dude down. But in Australia, probably not.”

“So did you get you money back?”

“My blog ran into troubles with spamers recently. One of them is not nice at all, he not only giving comments but very unpleasant comments.”

“you can use akismet to protect you from spam, deth.”

“no, i haven’t got anything back and don’t expect anything too.”

“Yeah dude, that what I did when I first set up my blog, but akismet seems abit far from being the best spam blocker.”

we had same problem in france.
My domain name changed of ip.
And same guy same method, i sent all to godaddy abuse services.
And we had also problem with godaddy who wants credit card number but since two years , i changed of credit card and i dont remember my 6 last number, so i need to phone to my bank and wait.
In this time i can’t do anything for my domain name…”

“jeremy , your site also locked out right? coz when i visit, it led me to Sedo parking.”

“I just dont understand why godaddy doesn’t do anything.”

“You can post his name and his method too. So that more people will know about this moron!”

“godaddy dont want to help me, cuz the hacker changed all data about the domain name like
administrative contact / password / mail / credit card number….”

“we also view other information :
The guy used a script for phishing and he is hosting to cambodiaxp.com. But its very strange, its the same domain than you, so you host the script ?”

“jeremy, please tell me more about the hosting script. CambodiaXP belongs to me.”

“in legal term no continuation possible, it only thing to be made is a make complaint in this country, with the camboge data-processing repression is null, no laws is really in places.”


Thank you!